Wingus is a protagonist of Where There's Smoke, along with Funguy, Tooligan, and June. A smug rogue, he is often seen accompanied by Jason, an opposum he meets on his first day in Etowana.

Native to Blackwater Bay, Wingus finds himself stranded in northern Etowana after attempting to rescue his sister at sea. He serves as the de facto protagonist of the comic, with his first appearance in the second page.

In the first disc, Wingus befriends Funguy on the coast of Etowana. Soon after, they meet eco-terrorists June and Tooligan and join their rebellion against the oppressive Papermakers. After Funguy discovers his blue magic abilities, Wingus smokes the chorus fruit enchanted by Funguy, calls it spacew33d, and begins selling it in the City, much to the others' dismay.


Wingus is a human with a blond bowl-cut, swirly cheeks, an orange nose, and particularly pointy fingers. He wears short overalls over a t-shirt. Occasionally, he will be seen with a single sharp tooth or single dangling earring.

Wingus is typically shorter than most other characters, with a smaller frame and narrow shoulders.

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