The Ugandan Knuckles are a race of echidna that inhabit areas of northern Uganda, defending their brothers and the sacred lands of central Africa.

While their prominence as an Internet meme reigned in December 2017 and January 2018, they have a long history of war against their sworn enemies, the Lord's Resistance Army, led by world-breaking Ugandan warlord Kony.

The tribe in which the Ugandan Knuckles assemble is known officially as A Tribe Called Knuckles.


During the Great New Australian War (GNAW) of 2017, a nuclear fallout resulted in the mutation of various lifeforms found on Earth 2, including native echidnas to the New Australia region. This resulted in the growth of anthropomorphic echidnas that formed the Knuckles Clan, of which Dick Kebab promptly blasted deep into spacetime, resulting in their existence in the Sonic Universe.

After thousands of years of Sonic lore, Knuckles the Echidna banished his autistic brother, Elbows the Echidna, among other mentally disabled echidnas to Earth in 1972, resulting in Elbows among the others to conceive a tribe in northern Uganda, known today as A Tribe Called Knuckles.

The tribe survived in the harsh Ugandan environments with scarce resources, growing a population of several hundred throughout the 1970s and 1980s. However, they had a hard time surviving considering the various civil wars occurring. This led to a blessing in 1984 by Jeff of their sacred ability—The Way—allowing the Ugandan Knuckles to travel wherever they like in central and eastern Africa safely, as well as knowing where to utilize Chaos Emeralds for their own protection. In exchange, Elbows and his tribe vowed to protect the ancient Temple of Jeffery in the northwest, holding the Jeffery Emerald and various other heirlooms of the Papermaker family.

In 1995, the Temple of Jeffery was raided by child soldiers the Lord's Resistance Army, leading to the echidna's first major defeat, with the Jeffery Emerald taken to be used to build the KonyKocK. Since that day, the Ugandan Knuckles clan has sworn to protect the world from Kony's wrath. To this day, the LRA has been the only true enemy of the Ugandan Knuckles.

Meme status

Over a slow development from 2016 to early 2018, the Ugandan Knuckles species of echidna became an Internet meme for a brief period of time. This overall did not affect their business, but did bring light to their fight against the LRA's conquest.