They Tried to Make Me Go to Rehab So I OD'd on Ket, often referred to as Rehab, is the second mixtape by I Fucked a Turkey and Got Away with It, released on November 23, 2017.

It has since been discarded from their discography in favor of The Shakespeare of Music.


  1. Opening Skit
  2. Curly Fries
  3. You Tried to Fuck a Turkey (So I Fucked Your Cat to Death)
  4. Tickle
  5. Saville Was a Nice Man
  6. The Really Real Track
  7. Pancake Tits
  8. Me Me Big Words
  9. Justin Busterlake
  10. O.R.I.G.I.N.S.
  11. Surprise Cuddles
  12. Absolute Banger
  13. McDonald's Didn't Serve Turkey So I Wrote This Diss
  14. Stonccy Nonce
  15. Pornography Causes Harm to My Wrists
  16. We Remade This Song in 25 Minutes in Our Studio
  17. I Got a Steamy Dick
  18. Hitler Würde Richtig
  19. #TalkToFrank VI: The Final Talk
  20. The Muffin Man
  21. Pop Punk Piss Performance Piece
  22. pusspuss (feat. Aiden Lowe, Alex Murphy & Marley Edwards)
  23. No Thanks
  24. Bepis
  25. Bepiis
  26. Fuck Turkey
  27. m a d t h o t
  28. [R2] D 2 the Turkey
  29. Cantina Brawl
  30. Miccey Moucce
  32. Daddeh uwu XD
  33. Double the Girth, Double the Pleasure
  34. Cum Back Dad
  35. Gays 4 Jake
  36. #OneLove
  37. White
  38. Pubik's Cube
  39. Beth-Not-Beth (Oh Beth)
  40. Peen
  41. Deport 'em
  42. Dan
  44. ぬれる & あつい (feat. Fried Rice)
  45. Spaff-in
  46. My Mum Abandoned Me But That's Okay
  47. This is the Only Time We'll Ever Let Anthony Freestyle
  48. Chich Rigga
  49. Belch-a-thon
  50. Perfect Girl
  51. BGMEDIA DI$$
  52. BGMEDIA DI$$ (Alternative)
  53. Am No a Feggot
  54. Ode to Gabe
  55. Your GIrl
  56. Ballad of Aiden
  57. анальное пенетрация
  58. Middle-Aged Diss Track
  59. Lie to Me
  60. Ass Destroyed Turkeys


Songwriting/Produced/Lead Vocals/Artwork by Connor Edwards

Songwriting/Produced/Additional Vocals/Acoustic Guitar/Electric Guitar/Piano/Ukulele/Arrangement/Composition by Anthony Redclift

Songwriting on "Surprise Cuddles" by Meave Knowles

Songwriting on "#TalkToFrank VI: The Final Talk" by Aiden LoweAmbar HadenCallum Mead, Charlie LucasDillan White, Ella Gaskell, Ellie CresswellElliot Durrant, Jake Bromley, Jonjoe KindonJude Fearnley, Luke Power, Matt JohnsonNathan Wells, Noah Taylor, Liv NieldSimon May, Tara Larke & Tom Ready

Additional Vocals/Songwriting on "pusspuss" by Aiden Lowe, Alex Murphy, and Marley Edwards

Vocal Tracking on "Gays 4 Jake" by Millie White

Songwriting on "Your Girl" by Maciej Zukowski

Songwriting on "Ballad of Aiden" by Alex Murphy

Background Vocals on "Ballad of Aiden" by Marley Edwards, Aiden Lowe & Peyton Edwards

Electric Guitar on "Ass Destroyed Turkeys" by Nathan Locke