TRANS ICON HEROBRINE is a video by Kaj Strife, released on May 16, 2019.


After the death of his father, an unfazed Jesse Papermaker wanders the wilds of somewhere on Egg far from Etowana. Jesse loses a fight with a creeper, but rather than exploding, the creeper challenges Jesse to find and kill Herobrine.



The video on YouTube

Later still, Jesse finds his way to Herobrine's mansion, followed by a battle with Herobrine that Jesse somehow wins with the assistance of Hypebeast Creeper. Nearby, Jansen Friedrich is impressed by Jesse's feat. When Jesse asks Herobrine if he has any last words, Herobrine utters 'trans rights' and begins explaining his rough upbringing as a trans man. After Jansen is hit with a wave of dysphoria, Mario appears in the sky (calling Herobrine through Sky Phone E+ technology) and questions why he is wasting his time in the Kodiplex, the dimension where the planet of Egg is located. After offering Herobrine some of Bowser's Sourpuss Bread, Herobrine obliges to return to the Mystery Zone via the Succ Drive.

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