Iced Tea Memes is the second album by Fried Rice. It was originally released on November 23, 2017.


Iced Tea Memes is heavily involved with the lore, however its current standing in the canon is flimsy.

"J. Rodgers Intro" introduces Risotto Pavarotti and Miguel Santiago, as well as narration by the Chute. In this track, Risotto explains how a restraining order has been placed on him for text messages he sent to someone. Miguel offers his guidance, though Risotto seemingly doesn't accept it. At the end of the track, the Chute tells the listener that it is November, Risotto's favorite month, though an impending doom is approaching him.

"Lakitu" explains how Risotto is suspended from school after sending misconstrued death threats, followed by him attempting suicide. He proceeds to spend $1000 on an attorney, who convinces him to plead guilty.

"240 Hours" reiterates Risotto's suspension and the suicide attempt by asphyxiation. At the end of the track, it's suggested that he resorts to smoking.

"Huff Puff" tells the story of William O. Webb, who dropped out of school in fear of student loans to become a spacew33d dealer in Meme City.

"Insane" is a song during Risotto's hyyerr dream, where he goes to two girls' houses in the middle of the night in pursuit of sexual assault, only to find them dead. Risotto proceeds to have a meltdown, screaming in his sleep as Miguel watches him trip the fuck out. Miguel exclaims that he "took the whole thing of spacew33d", and adds that there may have been a few drops of the bone juice in there as well.

"Intermission" comes immediately after "Insane", in which the Chute transports Risotto to the Room to cleanse him of his internal demons. The Chute tells Risotto that he is lost in the sauce, to which Risotto angrily disagrees. After Risotto finishes ranting to the Chute, the Chute explains that Risotto is capable of much more, calling him "the dank meme boy of Etowana that can change the world". This inspires Risotto, as he finds himself redeemed in the following tracks.

"Thanksgiving" takes place literally during Thanksgiving, with the Chute explaining that Risotto has learned to be thankful for what he does have. The Chute also explains that the next track takes place during Black Friday of 2011.

"Bone Hurting Juice" sees Risotto Pavarotti meeting the Principal on school grounds during Thanksgiving break. After the Principal tells him to leave, a stranger approaches the Principal and offers him bone hurting juice, to which he hesitantly agrees. The Principal's bones promptly begin to hurt, followed by Risotto meeting another stranger and performing fellatio on them in exchange for an antidote to cure bone-hurting. After giving the antidote to the Principal, Risotto is unsuspended.

Various tracks contain brief references to Joe Papermaker.


  1. J. Rodgers Intro (feat. DJFruitloops)
  2. Lakitu (feat. DJFruitloops)
  3. 240 Hours
  4. Who the Fuck (feat. Rybae)
  5. Lunch Break
  6. Hostile (feat. NIKHEDONIA)
  7. Huff Puff
  8. Insane
  9. Intermission
  10. Thanksgiving (feat. I Fucked a Turkey)
  11. Tarran's Interlude
  12. Bone Hurting Juice
  13. Hey guys I'm back lmao
  14. Suburbs
  15. That One Table (feat. Oxxy & Xonfrence)
  16. Thanks for Listening, Now Fuck Off (feat. DJFruitloops & Landen Hashimura)
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