On February 24, 2016, there was a devastating Mt. Nut eruption after the busting of a perfect nut by Jesse Papermaker. The event resulted in the destruction of a number of zones and districts of Meme City, and a complete reorganization of the map of Etowana.

What was destroyed

Acton County

The most populated district of Meme City, Acton County, was drowned in magma during the eruption, resulting in the deaths of many such as Randall Smartweed and the destruction of Meme High School.

Yeme County

While not as viciously wiped away from history as Acton was, Yeme County was scorched by the eruption and faced severe fire damage.


Existing in Mt. Nut's primary target, something not unsimilar to a bomb landed upon Burbama, destroying all of the suburban life and effectively blasting sand from the surrounding ocean across the rest of the southern half of Etowana.

What was created


With sands being shot up from the south combined with the ash and obsidian from the eruption, a desert-like plane was created by the eruption, later named Dezer2.

Purple sky

Radiation from the combination of Jesse and Jones Papermaker's ejaculations resulted in a purple haze to encompass Etowana, much like it had already in Fotiálla.